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Happy Valentine's Day from Hank Co.!

So I figure money's been real tight around the compound lately. And since it's Valentine's day and all, why can't Hank Co. make a profit like the greeting card companies do?

Enter ingenuity my friends.
Yours truly has built a kissing booth!

Yep, set up shop right outside the compound fence this morning. This way hank Co. can make some cash, and all the single ladies don't have to miss out on a little Valentine's Day Hankanator action. ;) 
So swing on by, we'll be open the entire holiday weekend!
Only a quarter a kiss!
But I charge two bucks extra for that french stuff.

Kinda hopin' that cute blonde chick with the cat ears shows up...

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Ingenuity isn't really the word I'd use.

Oh, and you do realize I will be charging a 75% tax on your total gross income for that weekend, right? I can't have unauthorized "Venture" businesses popping up without my consent or at least offering or signing pain/release wavers.

All it takes is one unsatisfied moron customer to make a business tank.

It's just bad for the Venture name.

[Lock to Hank.]
Stay away from her, Hank. Girls like that are usually on LSD or Vicodine. ...Or both. I don't need you catching some new age chlamydia from some uncaged vixen. Lord knows what types of diseases have developed since I was your age!

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